Company Profile
Mission Statement
Radiologists At Vesta
Meghal R. Antani, M.D
Surender Kurapati, M.D
Ernest Camponovo, M.D., MBA
Michelle D. Rossmann, M.D.
Victor Ramon Rodriguez, M.D, M.S.
Joseph I. Gaglione, M.D
Dennis M. Burton, M.D.
Daniel L. Miller, M.D
Marc R. Hamet, M.D
Mark L. Harshany, M.D
Michael K. Herron, M.D
Gerald B. Holtz, M.D
Cynthia Purnell Humphries, M.D
Elizabeth S. Karashin, DO
Jeffrey Lawrence Lieberman, M.D
Jeffrey Collins Markham, M.D
Richard D. Lynch, M.D.
Roberto Rivera, M.D
Royce L. Zobell, M.D., MPP, MJ
Richard Lee Penfil, M.D.



Vesta Teleradiology delivers professional radiology services 24×7. We offer complete radiology solutions for diagnostic centers, hospitals, and mobile x-ray companies: We provide decisive interpretations, rapid turnaround, professional customer service and seamless technology integration. With Vesta, you can outsource some, or all of your radiology requirements, regardless of modality, and be confident that we will meet your high standards of patient care.


  • US based & US Board-Certified Radiologists
  • No minimum read requirements
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Preliminary & final interpretations
  • Sub-specialty reads
  • Cost-effective and dependable
  • Customizable business & IT solutions
  • 2D/3D reconstruction and post-processing
  • Managed service and implementation capabilities

Our Radiologists

All Vesta Radiologists are based in the US and each is US Board Certified. Many have sub-specialty licenses.

Each Vesta Radiologist shares a passion for superior customer care. Interpretations are decisive, consistent, and timely.


Vesta is at the forefront of radiology technology. Vesta has the expertise to configure, install and maintain the digital technology necessary to implement remote reading of imaging studies. We provide complete radiology solutions as well as professional interpretation and consultation for all imaging modalities.

Our services are provided through HIPAA compliant hardware and software applications (PACS/RIS).

Turnaround Guarantee

For stat cases Vesta will provide actionable interpretations within 30 minutes.


Vesta is cost competitive. Pricing is based on a number of factors such as modality, volume, coverage times, and geographic region. Our customized technology solutions are specifically designed to minimize associated costs.

Operating Support

Vesta has developed an “Onboarding Process” for each new client. We spend time with the technician team, training them on all aspects of the system until they are competent and confident. We place, configure, and thoroughly test the system to insure end-to-end connectivity. And we sit with the billing department so that our processes align perfectly. On the first day of operations, Vesta is completely integrated with your operations.

You can always reach a person, by phone. A client services manager and our technology center are available to solve any issue, 24×7.

Importantly, a referring physician can talk directly to the Vesta Radiologist. This can be critical to providing superior patient care, the overarching goal of Vesta Teleradiology.