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Radiologists At Vesta
Meghal R. Antani, M.D
Surender Kurapati, M.D
Ernest Camponovo, M.D., MBA
Michelle D. Rossmann, M.D.
Victor Ramon Rodriguez, M.D, M.S.
Joseph I. Gaglione, M.D
Dennis M. Burton, M.D.
Daniel L. Miller, M.D
Marc R. Hamet, M.D
Mark L. Harshany, M.D
Michael K. Herron, M.D
Gerald B. Holtz, M.D
Cynthia Purnell Humphries, M.D
Elizabeth S. Karashin, DO
Jeffrey Lawrence Lieberman, M.D
Jeffrey Collins Markham, M.D
Richard D. Lynch, M.D.
Roberto Rivera, M.D
Royce L. Zobell, M.D., MPP, MJ
Richard Lee Penfil, M.D.

Company FAQ

What makes Vesta different than other teleradiology providers?

Vesta is the ideal teleradiology partner because we have more pride in our work than anyone else. We enjoy working with our clients, our experienced Radiologists are committed to superior patient care, our technology is state of the art, and our services are affordable.

Prior to commencing services will Vesta help us with training, our technical setup and connectivity?

Absolutely. Vesta will train your staff until they are confident in all aspects of the workflow. We will manage the hardware installation and conduct end-to-end testing. Vesta will insure reliable connectivity between our secure data center and your facility. In the unlikely event of a technical issue our IT support group is available 24×7.

In addition, Vesta will provide free IT consultation including evaluation of your facility to determine the most secure and affordable hardware and software options. We have no affiliation with any hardware/software vendor; we simply recommend the best and most cost-effective solution based on your existing setup. In addition, we will assist your organization in the negotiation of preferred pricing on any necessary equipment.

What ongoing technical support do you provide?

Vesta provides 24/7/365 technical support to all clients. If you are overloaded with work, you can pass it on to us without any hassle. We not only have an accomplished team, we are also fully equipped to provide technical support to your facility at no extra cost. For example we would provide the technical support for the PACS connectivity between our facility and our client’s 24×7.

What if our medical staff is concerned that the radiologist will not be onsite?

The Vesta Teleradiology solution delivers much the same work as an onsite Radiologist does. Our Radiologist consult with referring physicians, discuss cases with technicians and create timely reports. The Vesta solution is both time and cost effective.

If there are specific needs for an onsite Radiologist, providing Contrast for example, Vesta can deploy a Radiologist onsite.

What is Vesta offering? What benefits can we expect from partnering with Vesta?

Vesta is at your service 24/7/365. We not only retain the services of exceptional Radiologists who are immediately available to your referring physicians, we also employ a knowledgeable staff ready to address any questions posed by your technologists, administration, ancillary staff or physicians.

How quickly do the referring physicians receive their reports?

Vesta can meet emergency STAT needs and provide reports within 30 minutes.

Are Vesta Radiologists well qualified?

The Radiologists at Vesta are experienced and US Board of Radiology certified. Many have sub-specialty licenses.

What is the minimum technical requirement that a client should possess?

Partnering with Vesta Teleradiology couldn’t be easier. Vesta’s technical staff reviews infrastructure to determine optimal connectivity. We then install and test the supporting equipment and software.

In most cases a technical upgrade is not required. However, if upgrading will enhance productivity and is cost effective, Vesta will help you select and acquire the new technology.

How do I contact Vesta to get more information?

Vesta Teleradiology is always at your service to assist you in any way we can. For further inquiries, please call us at:877-55-VESTA or email to