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Vesta Teleradiology released an informative White Paper, in review 2015 & look forawrd to 2016

Vesta Teleradiology released an informative White Paper, which examines the important industry drivers of 2015 and forecasts for 2016 in the interface of radiology and the current healthcare landscape.

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Vesta Teleradiology Presents Informative White Paper on Transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10

Vesta Teleradiology releases a white paper to educate healthcare providers as they transition their billing systems from ICD-9 to ICD-10. The white paper also provides information to providers who are not quite ready for the transition.

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Vesta Teleradiology Launches New Blog for Radiologists and Healthcare Providers

Vesta Teleradiology has announced the launch of a new blog covering trending topics of interest in radiology such as ICD-10, Meaningful Use, Ultrasound scans in Primary Care settings, Interoperability, Affordable Care Act, and the latest developments in the radiology industry.

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Vesta Teleradiology Announces Industry’s First Rate Guarantee

Imaging facilities are facing tremendous financial pressure with falling reimbursements, stricter billing requirements and consumerism of healthcare. In this environment of reduced profit margins, Vesta is announcing the industry’s first, ‘Three Year Rate Guarantee’ to all current and new clients.

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Vesta Teleradiology Signs a New Contract with Doctors Hospital of the Bahamas

Vesta Teleradiology ( has announced it has entered into a contract with Doctors Hospital of the Bahamas to provide sub-specialty radiology services. Vesta Radiology is a pioneer in quality of care and sub specialty radiology medical innovations keeping the medical services of our clients the best in the industry.

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