Radiology Continues To Be Profitable

The latest reforms in healthcare may have caused lot of fluctuations in a lot of areas affecting thebottom lines. Some may have cashed in on this opportunity while others may have been left out and seen a dip in their earnings. Unfortunately, while there are several areas that saw a decline in their profits, radiology is not one of them.
According to the latest Medical Imaging Confidence Index (MICI) survey, radiology and diagnostic imaging will continue to be profitable.The survey was recorded from over 160 imaging directors/ managers on topics such as reimbursement, operating costs, access to capital, growth etc. The survey revealed that the overall outlook responded by the participants was “neutral”. The survey also revealed that imaging departments are poised to grow monthly in diagnostic and interventional radiology. Internal operating and staff costs are expected to remain steady. Participating radiologists also showed high confidence that radiology will continue to maintain/ grow as a profit center.

Here are the full results for the third quarter of 2015.


Further analysis of the survey reveals that North America and Europe will dominate radiology information systems market mainly led by favorable conditions and high acceptance rate of healthcare information technology and rising demand for integrated healthcare systems. Other regions that show promising growth include China and India. These developing countries are witnessing strong growth in healthcare information systems due to the rising incidence of chronic diseases and large population base. Wireless and cloud computing are some of the latest trends gaining widespread popularity in the global radiology information system market.

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