Hospital Teleradiology and Telemedicine Services

Radiology Services for Hospitals and Urgent Care Centers

Choose Vesta — comprehensive teleradiology solutions to hospitals no matter the location — metropolitan or rural.

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End-to-End Radiology Services for Hospitals

We support your radiology departments:

  • Small, medium and large hospitals from fewer than 100 beds to more than 500 beds
  • Urban and rural
  • Public and private hospitals
  • Community hospitals
  • Children’s hospitals
  • Research hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Women’s wellness centers

Tailored Solutions

We are passionate about delivering comprehensive teleradiology services that meet a hospital’s requirements, no matter how exacting.

We take time to learn the ins-and-outs of your hospital to better understand the unique needs in order to become not only a provider but a partner. In this period of overburdened radiology departments, Vesta Teleradiology stands out by offering efficiency, accuracy, and competitive pricing customized just for your facility.

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Scope of Services

Onsite Radiology Coverage as a Primary Service

• Dedicated team of credentialed and board-certified Radiologists for 24/7 Coverage

• Ability to retain current radiologists and consolidate services

• Remote radiology coverage backup when needed and to generate sub-specialty reports

Teleradiology Coverage as a Supplemental Service

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  • US-Based and US Board certified Radiologists
  • Artificial Intelligence is incorporated in the process
  • Turnaround Time to fit your needs
  • 24x7x365 coverage and support
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • Ability to read and interpret all modalities and subspecialties
  • Joint Commission standards
  • Provide qualified and fully credentialed Radiologists on site at the hospital along with Teleradiology coverage when needed based on the hospitals’ requirement to timely interpret all ongoing imaging studies conducted within the health system and to perform interventional procedures.
  • Provide interpretation of radiological procedures in all modalities required by the hospital and all future imaging modalities to be offered in the system with final diagnostic reports for each examination or procedure.
  • Vesta Radiology is to create a procedural schedule for service availability with ample time for the review of each exam or procedure, discussion of interpretation with the ordering clinician.
  • Maintain twenty-four (24) hour per day, seven (7) days per week, and 365-days per year coverage by providing onsite and Teleradiology coverage.
  • Performance of interventional procedures
  • Provide qualified and full credentialed Radiologists who meet state and federal nuclear medicine standards for the interpretation of all nuclear medicine procedures performed at the hospital
  • Allow communication and educational time with the hospital’s medical staff and the public
  • Select, along with designated hospital leadership, Radiologists who are fully qualified and able to perform the duties as specified by the hospital, but within their scope, expertise, and credential of each individual Radiologist
  • All professional services, including teleradiology services, are provided in accordance with the American College of Radiology, Mammography Quality Standard Act of 1992, the practice of Radiology in general, and the hospital’s policies, procedures, and corporate compliance program
  • Become an approved provider for Medicare, Medical, Medicaid, and contracted with all payers whom the hospital contracts
  • Set in place peer review and quality assurance activities and procedures.
  • Comply with all federal and state laws relating to patient care and related activities.
  • Comply with Hospital’s templates for dictation. If required, Radiologists are to dictate into the hospital’s dictation system reports on all examinations, procedures, and other services performed in the Imaging
  • Develop and lead processes to ensure quality, timeliness, and communication of all results by developing a scorecard of metrics as determined in consultation with hospital leadership and medical staff
  • When requested, attendance at Board and/or other meetings
  • Participate in Hospital Medical Staff meetings and processes
  • With approval of hospital designated leadership, provide a Medical Director for all Imaging services performed.
  • Assign Radiation safety officer

The Vesta Advantage

Vesta is Joint Commission accredited. This means we have done the first source verification, so the radiologist credentialing burden for our clients is reduced. Since our support staff is available 24×7, any issue will be addressed immediately with minimal downtime.

Expect Stellar Customer Service and Tech Support

We offer customer service and technical support around the clock. Clients’ studies are received at any time and read within the turnaround time required by the facility.

Unceasing Support

  • Decisive Interpretations
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Professional Customer Service and Technical Support
  • Seamless Technology Integration
  • Proprietary system built on the industry leader’s platform RAMSOFT

Radiology and Teleradiology Tailored to Your Specific Needs

  • We build and customize solutions based on your specific needs
  • Ensure continuity to your current process
  • Provide consultancy to improve efficiency
  • Wide range of Subspeciality coverage both onsite and remote
  • Work with the hospital to develop new services and new exams
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