Teledermatology Services

Our team of board certified Dermatologists provides TeleDermatology services by interacting and examining patients at various medical centers using live video or provide diagnosis by reviewing clinical images received from patients or primary care providers

Services Provided
  • Live Interactive Consulting
  • Diagnosis based on clinical images
  • Common skin problems like acne, rashes, minor burns
  • Consulting Services
Users of this service
  • Urban Hospitals
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • Primary Care Centers
  • urgent care Centers
  • Schools for Acne treatment

How It Works

(Live/online dermatologist consultation) You schedule the appointment → Our staff connects you with your center over the video a few minutes before the appointment to make sure that the connectivity is working → Our Dermatologist will consult with Patient/Primary → Medication request sent out if applicable → Report delivered to the center electronically.

(Non-Live Consulting) You send us the images along with other clinical information through our EMR system → Our Dermatologist reviews the images and provide a diagnosis → Report are delivered to the center electronically

Next Steps: Agreement → Kick-off Call → IT Setup → Training → Test Run → Go Live