HL7 Integration

HL7 Integration

Vesta IT-service has specialist skills in HL7 based integration of health applications and integration of health technologies to solve customer health systems integration challenges.

HL7 Integration


Most health care providers encounter problems with having two or more separate software applications because they need them to work together. Our experience and expertise can make that cohesiveness a reality. The first step is to learn how your organization utilizes the different software applications within your organization and how they need to interface. Then a dedicated group is assigned the task to quickly come up with an HL7 base integration layer for smooth message exchanges between the software.

HL7 is essentially a structured format for sending and receiving data from a software application. Almost every software application related to the medical field, including EMR to PACS system and Clinical Information System, Radiology Information System, Electronic Health Record, Patient Administration System, and Intensive Care Unit systems, may need to ‘talk’ to each other. This necessary communication could be within company boundaries or as far-reaching as across the state and country. Our committed team facilitates the achievement of your integration objectives in record time.

Please contact us for more details about how we can help you with your vital health care technology integration needs.

Our HL7 integration services help facilities eliminate redundancy. For instance, certain PACS and RIS systems may have differences in DICOM headers and due to compatibility issues, the facilities may have to re-enter the reports again from one system to another.

At Vesta we integrate PACS and RIS information systems drastically improving your workflow timelines. In turn, this increases efficiency, saves considerable time and resources while helping your bottom line.