Preliminary Interpretations

Preliminary Interpretation Service

Our services provide radiology practices and medical institutions with a viable, flexible and economical approach to extend service levels and increase work environment effectiveness. Added benefits include improving patient care and facilitating a more balanced work-life experience for employees.

preliminary reads

Vesta’s Preliminary Interpretation service handles all cases around the clock even during off-peak hours, so your radiologists don’t have to be on call 24 x 7. We manipulate technology to create a higher quality report to patients in a shorter amount of time. Our secured state-of-the-art workflow enables our team of US Board Certified doctors to view and provide a preliminary read for off-hours cases. Then your local radiologist performs the final read of the report to ensure the interpretation quality with a faster turnaround time and without overextending your staff radiologists.

This helps the facility read reports quicker and with premium quality thereby ensuring improved patient care. All our systems are secure and HIPAA compliant. This certifies quick and secure access to our services from any location any time.