Final Interpretations

Final Radiology Interpretations

Vesta offers nighthawk radiology services, daytime radiology services, and weekend/holiday coverage services. Our Teleradiology services supports hospitals in the treatment of patients around the clock without overextending its current staff.

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If your facility is facing a coverage issue due to the limited availability or shortage of radiologists at your clinic, Vesta offers professional interpretation at your convenience. With Vesta, you can better manage time, services and staff. We provide in-depth, clinically specific, decisive reads. Our team provides definitive reports as well as consultation services to meet the needs of our clients.


All professional services provided by Vesta are completed by top-rated, United States trained radiologists. By utilizing a combination of off-site teleradiology coverage and on-site staffing, we can cover complete caseloads for radiology departments, outpatient centers and mobile medical imaging centers. We also provide supplemental staffing support to radiology groups. Our staff is committed to working closely with you to identify critical coverage needs.

Vesta Teleradiology is a trusted brand for radiology services with a proven track record of excellent turnaround times and customer service. Vesta is dedicated to providing excellence in virtual, on-call teleradiology servicing and teleradiology solutions.


Vesta is cost–effective and specifically designed to provide flexibility to accommodate varying budgets and volume requirements. We provide personal point-of-touch attention, ensuring the highest quality at extremely competitive rates. Our experienced team of radiologists works day and night to provide reliable interpretation services, with the ability and expertise to cover all of your interpretation needs.