Infrastructure Support

IT Infrastructure Support Services

Vesta provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current workflow distribution system and applies the latest operation management techniques to implement solutions that will improve your ability to provide increased services with your existing resources. Contact us to learn more.



Many small and medium sized centers have budgetary constraints that reduce the feasibility of having a fully dedicated and highly skilled IT staff. Regardless of a center’s size, IT issues are becoming increasingly inseparable from day-to-day business operations in today’s diagnostic patient care environment.

With a combination of on-site and remote staffing options, Vesta Solutions offers an affordable alternative. Since our niche is radiology, our IT staff has a wealth of experience relating to the issues facing radiology centers.

Our monthly service plan includes periodic health checks of your network by our engineers, including all connected devices, along with validation of security aspects.

Partnering with Vesta gives you the comfort of knowing that your network is being monitored 24 hours a day by a highly skilled, radiology specific IT staff.

Our monitoring system provides:
• Constant system backup monitoring
• Diagnostic alerts of a backup issue to all interested parties
• Remote health check of all connected devices
• Security validation
• Back-end infrastructure management


Vesta’s commitment to meet the requirements and exceed the expectations of its customers is what delineates our company from other industry competitors. By extending our reading coverage services to providing software solutions and assisting with the selection of equipment, our outstanding customer service and technological know-how makes us a superior alternative.

Vesta Teleradiology provides:

• Radiology Information System (RIS) interface expertise
• Information systems proficiency eliminating implementation concerns
• Software solutions

We can develop software and provide a plug-in for your group, enabling your RIS to interface with multiple modalities using HL-7 protocol. As your software partner, Vesta has the capability to implement your own custom solution for billing interface and Web-based PACS needs.

Our clients have trusted us with their business. As their partners, we have taken them to new heights. Our software solution and support can provide you with tools to attain the same growth and success. We can help your group fulfill your potential.