Coverage Options

TeleRadiology Specialty Coverage

We’ve got you covered with our Coverage options. By aligning with Vesta, you will have 24×7 access to our talented pool of radiologists. They will always be on standby to assist you through such conditions as overflow, nights/weekend coverage or emergency situations.

coverage options
night coverage radiology services

Our services provide radiology practices and medical institutions a reliable, flexible and economical way to extend service levels and increase work environment effectiveness. Moreover, improved patient care and a more balanced work-life experience for employees are just some of the benefits Vesta administers.

The Vesta brand is known for its fast turnaround times. Get your scan done in the morning and receive the reports that evening. We know how important it is to have a timely and accurate read. For immediate stat reports concerning urgent medical cases, we can provide ear-marked reports within one hour.

Within 24 hours, doctors can have final interpretations and begin patient treatment. Teleradiology services allow hospitals to treat patients around the clock without over extending the current staff.


Extending your operations with a teleradiology partner like Vesta will help your business attract and retain top certified physicians because now a flexible work schedule is a reality. No longer would your radiologist/s need to be on call 24 hours a day.

Nighttime Coverage – We can assume emergency interpretations when one of your radiologists is not available after hours.

Daytime Coverage – We provide supplemental or complete daytime coverage and technical assistance to meet your caseload requirements. Your practice can grow without employing extra radiologists by simply utilizing our services for any work overflow.

Vacation Coverage – When your radiologist is on vacation and you need critical radiology interpretation services, Vesta Solutions Group can provide the temporary coverage you need, eliminating the laborious process of finding a qualified, temporary replacement.

Specialty Coverage – Access to our subspecialty experts is another Vesta advantage. This is ideal for both small and large radiology groups with specific specialist shortages. This can be an invaluable asset for your everyday practice.

Multidisciplinary Coverage – Vesta Solutions Group provides comprehensive services for all areas of radiology including CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Plain Films, PET, and other areas of Nuclear Medicine.


Vesta performs preliminary and final interpretations for CT scans, ultrasounds and nuclear medicine examinations among other services. Vesta works with you in terms of the style and format of the interpretation report adapting to your interpretive mode. The reports are definitive with marked subspecialties to align with the preferences of the related individual physicians. Vesta Solutions Group sends reports directly to the physicians either in a hard copy or digital copy format per our client’s preference.


Emergency interpretations are provided within an hour. The primary reports are comprehensive, clinically focused and complete to the extent that they can be deemed a final report.