At Vesta Solutions, we manage a talented pool of US Board certified Physicians, Nurses and Technologists who can be assigned as Locum Tenens to temporarily replace your providers and nursing staff should you require one at very short notice, or to hire permanently should you have an opening. Our Physicians take pride in ensuring that our clients always get the service they require, on site or off location.


Placement Solutions

Vesta Solutions is committed to providing scalable solutions to Imaging Centers, Hospitals and Mobile Imaging Providers. For that reason, we have developed our Placement Services Division as an additional service to help partners reduce the stress of searching for exceptional talent.

At Vesta Solutions we are pleased to offer both Locum Tenens and Permanent Placement.

Locum Tenens

Locum Tenens is Latin for “to hold one’s place” and is a term widely used within the medical community. If provided the opportunity, Vesta Solutions will assist your facility with temporary long or short-term coverage of Physicians, Nurses and Technologists. Our dedicated recruiters will work with your facility to determine your specific needs and efficiently present multiple physicians, nurses, and radiology technologists’ profiles; then facilitate the placement of the profiles you select in a timely manner.

Benefits of Short-Term placement

Medical needs fluctuate and are never linear which makes staffing needs seasonal. Vesta is here to assist facilities become and remain efficient all throughout the year. At Vesta we are committed to assume coverage and eliminate staffing voids, while physicians leave on vacation, when additional assistance is needed, specific specialty is required or simply during high volume months. Short term placement is a comprehensive service that allows continuity or increase in productivity without compromising patient care.

Benefits of Long-Term Placement

Searching for talent is time consuming, costly and simply not pleasant, so why not partner with Vesta Solutions and free up your resources. Through its vast network, partners and reputation within the medical field, Vesta Solutions is perfectly positioned to search, interview, present and place highly skilled Physicians, Nurses and Technologists.

Our team of skilled recruiters work closely with facilities and present multiple profiles. Vesta Solutions has been successful placing talent that fits specific needs of the facilities and will be honored to do the same for you.