Telemedicine Service Providers

Vesta, with its extensive experience in Teleradiology, has been providing services to hospitals, imaging centers, physician offices, urgent care centers, nursing homes, and prisons 2007

Vesta is now recognized as top 10 telemedicine service providers in US and offering the following Telemedicine services:



Our team of board certified Psychiatrists or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners provide high quality Psychiatric Health Services round the clock through state of the art communication technologies.

Services Provided:
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Monitoring & Management
  • Psychology services


Our team of board certified Neurologists provide Neurological encounters for emergencies such as strokes, epilepsy and other Neurological disorders 24*7*365.



Our team of board certified Dermatologists interact and examine patients at various medical centers using live video or provide diagnosis by reviewing clinical images received from patients or primary care providers

Services Provided:
  • Live Interactive Consulting
  • Diagnosis based on clinical images
  • Common skin problems like acne, rashes, minor burns
  • Consulting Services


Our team of board certified Intensivits and critical care nurses work with the facility’s bedside ICU staff using state of the art communication technologies round the clock. Our team monitors ICU patients round the clock using real time patient data including vital signs, medications, clinical and lab information.