Traveling Nurses

Traveling Nurses

Vesta Solutions recruiting team works closely with Nurses to match their skillset with medical facilities demands skillset while simplifying the credentialing and licensing process. Our Nurses often experience a higher level of autonomy in choosing their schedule and locations to practice. In addition, Nurses benefit from traveling experiences and the flexibility to try new practice settings


Traveling Nurses benefit from our long-term relationships with hospitals and healthcare facilities. Whether you want to work in a large city or in a rural setting, our team has travel job opportunities that meet your specific requirements.

At Vesta Solutions we assign an Account Manager to each Physician. The Account Manager will handle all logistics related to travel arrangements, scheduling, paperwork, timesheets as well as any requests so that our Traveling Nurses don’t experience any discomfort or additional burden while performing their duties or while enjoying their time off.

Working with Vesta Solutions

We understand goals, wants, needs and reality don’t necessarily line up. Given Vesta Solutions presence in the medical field and its strong connection with medical facilities, we are able to work closely with our nurses to understand their goals and present them with the position, location and career of their choice in all 50 States and US Territories.

Nurses benefit when working with Vesta Solutions as they receive:

  • Streamlined placement process
  • A dedicated team to handle all matters of the placement process
  • Exclusive Job Openings
  • Paid Travel Expenses
  • Malpractice Insurance Coverage
  • Biweekly Pay Schedule