6 Tips to Make the Most of Your RSNA Trip!


The top radiological minds meet every year at RSNA. Will you be one of them next month? If you plan to join Vesta Teleradiology and other key radiology thought leaders pioneering the field, take note of these attendee tips below to make the most of your trip!

  1. Secure your bed!

Chicago is a big city, but hotel rooms nearest McCormick Place (the show’s site) sell out fast. And who wants to walk far in the cold weather? If you haven’t booked your room, don’t waste another minute! Click here to see the recommended hotels by RSNA and get your RSNA rate before Monday, November 25.

  1. Bust out your calendar

What’s your purpose for attending? There will be exhibitors, plenaries and other sessions, tons of opportunity to network, or you may even be exhibiting yourself. Regardless, look at your big blocked commitments and immediately start to schedule in the blanks. Even checking the show floor’s hours (Hint: no hours on Sunday, Dec. 1 or after 2 pm ET on Thursday, Dec. 5) is a good idea to make sure your floor time can actually be floor time.

  1. We all have a Type A side

Is part of that newly created plan to have a few important meetings with clients, potential clients, or maybe even industry allies? Where will you go? In the past, there have been few spots in McCormick Place to “grab a chair,” so we recommend booking a conference room at a nearby hotel, reserving a restaurant dining space, or even scout out the nearest coffee shops.

If you have a clearly defined location, you can make the most of your meeting agenda time! We also encourage sending an invitation via Google or Outlook with the location articulated and be sure to add buffer travel time to get to and from!

  1. Not sure what to do with free time?

Have an hour or two in between business development meetings and sessions? Our favorite way to spend free time is walking the show floor to gather competitive intel and notice incoming industry trends. Feel free to schedule a meeting with us to learn about teleradiology, if it’s new to you, or if it’s not, to learn about some of what we’ve picked up on during the show, too! 

  1. Cross your Ts

Who from your group is attending? What are their individual objectives, and can you divide and conquer to make the most of your holistic organization’s attendance? Attending this show can be extremely fruitful if you plan accordingly (and you want to make the most of the registration fee!) so even making time at the end of each day, or the end of the show, to document your findings and make more informed plans for next year, can help you benefit from the RSNA annual meeting experience.

  1. And, as always…

Get those feet ready. If you’ve attended any type of tradeshow or conference you know this, but RSNA is huge, and you will do a lot of walking. Wear comfortable shoes, take any chance you get to grab a seat and be sure to rest your feet in the evenings. Don’t forget to turn on your fitness tracker to at least get credit for all those steps!


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